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Founded in 2009, Signature Safety, LLC. is a fresh, new player in the EHS Consulting scene, but the experience and education brought to it by its founders stretches back over fifteen years. Working as site safety managers, corporate EHS Directors, and consultants, the founders have seen the field from many different perspectives. Now, in order to complement their skill and knowledge, the founders have surrounded themselves with a core network of people with a variety of areas of expertise. If you need something done, we've got the expert for you.

Signature Safety understands that your EHS program is unique to you, much like your signature, that's why our goal is to work with each client to determine what services they actually need. We don't want you to fall short of safe work practices and

regulatory compliance, but at the same time, we don't want you to spend time and resources on services you just don't need. Our services are flexible enough to customize what you need, when you need it, and how much it is going to cost.

Unlike consultants whose backgrounds consist solely of working for regulatory agencies, we've worked for companies like you; we've developed, implemented, and managed programs for companies like you; we've had to find a way to make safety work while staying within budgets; we've had to ‘sell' the concept of why safety works to reluctant managers or, at times, stem the overzealousness of passionate ones. Whatever situation you find yourself facing, we've been there, too.


Consulting makes sense. For those that are facing harder economic times, it is a viable solution to hiring full-time employees. No payroll taxes to pay, no benefits to provide, no bonuses to offer, no worker's compensation to carry. For those whose businesses are booming, your safety professionals often find themselves pulled in so many directions they can't, at times, pay the necessary attention to a certain project or process. That's where we come in.

From construction general contractors and construction managers to subcontractors, from municipal governments to warehousing and distribution companies, Signature Safety has been the solution for many companies. Even other consultants have hired us to service a client when they did not have any personnel with the necessary experience. Whatever your need—and wherever your need—we'll fill it.